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The Whitworth Meteorological Observatory - Current Data

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Last Updated (UTC)21 Oct 2018 13:28
Atmospheric Pressure (mbar)1015.95
Roof Level Temperature (C)13.81
Street Level Temperature (C)14.14
Max Temperature Last 24H (C)16.61
Min Temperature Last 24H (C)10.16
Relative Humidity (%)99.96
Dew Point Temperature (C)13.81
Wind Speed (m/s)1.83
Wind Direction (Deg)241.59
10 Min Average Wind Speed (m/s)2.66
10 Min Average Wind Direction242.54
Max Wind Speed Last 24H (m/s 1min ave)5.61
Min Wind Speed Last 24H (m/s 1min ave)0.05
Max Wind Gust Last 24H (m/s)7.47
Precipitation Rate (mm/hour)0.68
Accumulated Precipitation (mm last 24H)0.68
Precipitation ClassificationModerate Drizzle with Rain
Meteorological Optical Range (Km)3.39
Total Downward Solar Radiation (W/m2)26.71
Indirect Downward Solar Radiation (W/m2)27.12
Direct Downward Solar Radiation (W/m2)-0.41
Downward Terrestrial Radiation (W/m2)-1.02
Sunny Now?No
Sunshine Hours last 24H (H)0.32
Cloud Base Height (m)48.77
Estimated Current Cloud Cover (Oktas)7.00



Record Values Since:
Max Temperature (C)02 Sep 2018 13:5023.98
Min Temperature (C)0.00
Max Wind Speed (m/s 1min ave)12 Oct 2018 14:1518.50
Max Wind gust (m/s)21 Sep 2018 00:3423.67
Max Rainfall in 24H (mm)18 Oct 2018 12:54285.52


All data and images copyright The University of Manchester. Please do not reproduce without permission. Enquiries regarding use of data from the Whitworth Observatory should be directed to Dr Michael Flynn (michael.flynn@manchester.ac.uk).