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Last Updated (UTC)12 Jul 2024 19:31
Ozone (ppb)12.82
NO2 (ppb)10.87
NO (ppb)0.28
Diff (ppb)8.59
NOy (ppb)8.94
CO (ppb)206.24
CH4 (ppm)2.10
CO2 (ppm)424.66
NH3 (ppb)1.41
Fidas Count (#/cc)188.23
PM1 (ug/m3)5.28
PM2.5 (ug/m3)5.90
PM10 (ug/m3)7.06
TotPM (ug/m3)7.48
CPC Count (#/cc)8867.00
Black Carbon (ng/m3)756.00
UVPM (ng/m3)840.00
Organics (ug/m3)0.57
Nitrate (ug/m3)0.14
Sulphate (ug/m3)0.12
Ammonia (ug/m3)0.17
Chloride (ug/m3)0.01
Atmospheric Pressure (mbar)1012.86
Temperature (deg C)13.31
Relative Humidity (%)93.51
Dew Point Temperature (deg C)12.29
Wind Speed (m/s)0.15
Wind Gust (m/s)0.24
Wind Direction (deg)269.05
Total Precipitation Rate (mm/hour)0.00
Liquid Precipitation Rate (mm/hour)0.00
Solid Precipitation Rate (mm/hour)0.00
Accumulated Precipitation (mm since midnight)2.23
Precipitation ClassificationNo Precipitation
First Cloud Base Height (m)1538.51
Second Cloud Base Height (m)None Detected
Estimated Current Cloud Cover (Oktas)8.00
Estimated Boundary Layer Height (m)None Detected
Solar Radiation (W/m2)21.69
JO1D (s-1)3.540E-7
JNO2 (s-1)0.000


All data and images copyright The University of Manchester. Please do not reproduce without permission. Enquiries regarding use of data from the Manchester Air Quality Supersite should be directed to Dr Nicholas Marsden (nicholas.marsden@manchester.ac.uk).